May 01


Hello Everyone,

Ive been able to finally put up a new Server called The British Empire, I have a new website and everything has been set up.



British Empire Banner

Jan 03

Minecraft.. New Update…

Updating the Server…

There has been a new update in Minecraft (1.4.6). Just so everyone knows I am on holiday and shall be returning in a week from when I have posted this. I know the Server needs to be updated however I cannot do anything since I am not there.

That Is all I have to say. Just thought I should let everyone know why the Server has not been updated.

Oct 26

MedievalCraft 1.4!

As you probably already know Minecraft has updated to 1.4. I have just updated the Server to 1.4 but it is vanilla so there are no plugins. Your allowed to grief aswell. The only rules are No Advertising or Hacking (If the hacks have updated…).
Since many Servers have not been updated and stayed 1.3 the players on MedievalCraft have increased.

Aug 20

MedievalCraft Is Back With Plugins!

Ok, As you know we have been working very hard on the new map and it has been going quite well so far, we are still in the middle of making the map, it’s not finished. It’s a work in progress. Now, a few things I have to mention that has changed:

The Ranks: All ranks have changed to give the Server a more ‘Medieval’ effect and don’t worry, everyone has been converted from their old rank to the new one. Some people might not have been converted, if that is the case then tell a Member of Staff and they will report it back to me.

Building: To make sure the Server’s buildings stay nice and are in theme with the Rest of the Server, I must say that you have to build medieval, If you cannot, then Please Look up a tutorial, If some buildings don’t look nice and are not medieval, they could possibly be removed! If you still can’t make something medieval even after a tutorial then you can ask people if you want to buy a house in a town or City.

Warps: I understand that there are not many warps so far but there is nothing I can do about that, We are trying ever so much to finish villages and such. So far there are a few villages and some hamlets. Please Note that you can’t live in hamlets, they are only for show.

Plugins: Some new plugins have been added and some have been taken away, let me know what you think of the new plugins and if you have a suggestion post it On the Server Improvements page.

Aug 01

Minecraft 1.3!

MedievalCraft 1.3 Or 1.2.5?

Due to the Update Some players want to be on the Minecraft 1.2.5 MedievalCraft whereas others want to be on the 1.3 Server without bukkit, So I figured to have both:

If you want the 1.3 Minecraft MedievalCraft, the ip is:

If you want the 1.2.5 Minecraft MedievalCraft, the ip is:

Jul 27

No MedievalFactions

The Server will be Shut Down

due to the lack of players that go on it, there are too little players and the server is not popular enough.

Jul 24


Hello Everyone, Please Vote Here And say If you like the new Armour Kit or Not:

Do You Like The New Armour Kit?

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May 05


There is a new Server we have made, MedievalFactions. Its a Faction Server as you can tell by the name.

The Ip is:

No Rules, Except No Hacking, No Advertising And No Mods Allowed!

Apr 21




Hi, For the Next 2 Weeks I Am Offering A Special Offer For Donations so act fast now!

If you donate Before the 5th of March, Then you can donate and recieve tons of stuff for these rediculously cheap prices!

These prices are 50% OFF!!!


Member – 5 Euros

Vip – 10 Euros

Mod – 15 Euros


Member – 10 Euros

Vip – 20 Euros

Mod – 30 Euros

Instead of those usual prices, donate now and you can get those ranks on the SPECIAL OFFER!

Mar 20

My New Robot :)

Here is What we called ” Veg’s Robot ” and I LOVE IT!!!! :)

This was made by Honeydew111, one of our Co-Owners of the server for me.

So Here it is!



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