Here In The Bans Page You Can Request People To Ban And Argue On Why You Were Banned.


Just Post A Comment Below:

e.g.                                                                        e.g

It Says I Was Banned For: (Reason e.g. Griefing)        I Want (Persons Name e.g. thevegita730) Banned

I Swear I Didn’t (Reason e.g. Grief)                                 Because he has (Reason e.g. Been Very Mean)

I Demand A Unban.                                                              I Demand That (Name e.g. thevegita730) Is Banned!


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  1. Jose_noob

    i was banned for being a noob like a fail called markbark i am really sorry i mean it, plz may this idiot that finally lernt his leson be unbanned.

    1. Tobz789

      Please Unban Me veg Im Realy Sorry And Ill Never Do It Again please Forgive me i only wanted to play Skyblock!

  2. jamsterkid

    i want ye old minecrafter to be banned because he was spaming and asking for a client

  3. bgty1

    I was banned for hacking, but I wasn’t. I found an interesting hole which tobz called a markbark hole and he was like “Get Out Of this thing!” I ask “What is a Markbark hole?” and then I’m banned. Please unban me, I did nothing.

    1. Thevegita730

      Bgty1 you were banned for hacking not because you were in “a cave (hole)” but because you hacked you tried to teleport to a location on the y, x, ect axis and NoCheat stopped you, NoCheat Doesnt Lie

      1. bgty1

        Please Vegita, unban me. I don’t even know how to teleport. If you unban me, I’ll even start ALL over. Please vegita please! I beg of you, unban me! Please!

        1. Thevegita730

          I Will unban you only THIS time, because u seem pretty innocent.

          1. bgty1


        2. Zomdie_Zero

          Dear Veg, It is Zombie_Zero, I was but I do not understand why, I have behaved well, and have not griefed and for some reason I was banned

          1. Thevegita730

            you are unbanned.

  4. davy69

    i am deeply sorry for using caps and i will not use caps in the future, however, i was trying to tell someone to call the awesome owner thevegita730 to use his name not use owner

  5. davy69

    i was also banned for “griefing” but i only wanted u thevegita730 to unmuteme that is all
    but i am still sorry for anoying u veg

  6. minepop33

    I was banned for telling the way out.please unban me I was only trying to get out but forgot to put the forward slash.

    1. Thevegita730

      sorry, be more carefull, u know it says it in the rules

  7. minepop33


  8. miky428

    I would like yay350 banned for telling people how to get out of spawn. Thanks -Myke

    1. bromo99

      Will do my friend!

  9. kramaro

    It Says I Was Banned For: (Not sure)

    I Swear I Didn’t (Not sure-my brother sometimes gets on i’ll not let him on minecraft)

    I Demand A Unban.

  10. bgty1

    Please ban KingCobra, he is abusing admin by banning for no reason.

    1. KingCobra62

      if you dont want to see my face i will change my skin

  11. KingCobra62


    p.s vegita your the nicest owner i met all of the other owners that
    i know are mean

  12. KingCobra62

    oh if you don’t un ban me i will REPORT THIS SERVER

    1. bromo99

      Because you put that we are REALLY going to unban you…

  13. KingCobra62


  14. KingCobra62

    you have 1 day to do that oh make that 1HOUR

  15. KingCobra62

    IM sorry but this is whats gonna happen

  16. KingCobra62

    i would at this veg

  17. KingCobra62

    oh and red and bgty1 were making out and saying *kissing tounge for 9 seconds strait

  18. KingCobra62

    p.s if you dont un ban me i will just look
    im not kidding around
    im serious

  19. KingCobra62

    :( awwwww you got 2 hours but on the other hand say good bye to this server

    1. miky428

      stop spamming thanks <3 Myke

  20. KingCobra62

    im not

  21. KingCobra62

    im telling them to un ban me

  22. KingCobra62

    im sorry for abusing my powers i saw people say bgty1 you are hot
    and i will be anyonnes slave i have 1 friend i want people to know im
    a nice person

  23. colemanii

    i was banned for no reason
    i swear i didnt greif
    i demand unbann

  24. kramaro

    i demand that Macanism and TigerBurrell are banned for greifing me, yay350, and Thunder_Noobs house

    1. kramaro

      now he is using a alt account named: x_Kyle

  25. Thunder_Noob

    Maan, i dont like TigerBurrel and Macanism! Thay have gref the house that Kramaro yay350 and i build. Ban them.

    1. bromo99

      No Problem

  26. KingCobra62

    wow thats pretty noobish for them

  27. KingCobra62


  28. KingCobra62

    i wil be goldens and bgty1’s slave

  29. KingCobra62

    and reds

  30. davy69

    please, PLEASE.
    i will lend my bouncy thing 2 u for a week or ,more if u want me to

  31. davy69

    if u unbann me i will do ur homework lol :D.
    i will never break any more rules or grief

  32. GoldenStar11

    Please ban ryebread4, he’s spamming and using caps. Curse words too.

  33. yay350

    Miky said I told people how to get out of spawn. I did, but everybody I told already know how! Besides, how would someone automatically know that was how you get out of spawn! I demand an unban.

  34. KingCobra62

    me too i want un ban i wasted my money or i will report this

  35. KingCobra62

    you got 2 hours before i report this server.2 HOURS!

  36. KingCobra62

    i have 5 reasons why

  37. KingCobra62

    wait a minute………

  38. KingCobra62


  39. KingCobra62


  40. KingCobra62

    I never thought this would work

  41. GoldenStar11


  42. KingCobra62

    ban tigerburrow he is telling the way out

  43. KingCobra62


  44. GoldenStar11

    I need you to un-ban KingCobra62, he’s needed!

  45. GoldenStar11

    Wait nevermind SORRY

  46. GoldenStar11


  47. KingCobra62

    i am needed im always active im on every day

  48. bgty1

    If XRedDemon27 is banned, please unban him. What KingCobra said is a lie. People were saying I was hot, but the kiss thing was a complete lie.

  49. KingCobra62

    yeah your right XD
    im sorry

  50. KingCobra62

    sooooooooooooooo sorry

  51. KingCobra62

    red is not banned

  52. KingCobra62

    how could i know

  53. avelino_51

    It Says I Was Banned For: Idk it just says “Banned!”
    I Swear I Didn’t greif or anything you banned me for. I think it someone used my name then broke the rules.
    I Demand A Unban.

  54. colemanii

    there was no reason on the ban
    i swear i didnt greif
    i demand an unbann

  55. jack_1224

    idk why i got banned
    i swear i didnt do anything
    i demand an unban

  56. blockhead0227

    It says I was banned for griefing.
    I swear I didn’t grief for I just started to play on the server.
    I demand an unban!! :(

  57. KingCobra62

    un-ban me now im getting bored please un ban me
    i am having no fun on the other servers that i play

  58. blockhead0227

    Please just un ban me.
    Ur server is the beat and i want to play on it.
    I swear I didn’t grief!

  59. KingCobra62

    veg i know your there please un ban me just please
    i got bored of the other servers that i play

  60. yukeman987

    Guys, The reason you have been banned is because you have not Followed the rules. Or you just have annoyed Veg, And personally i think Veg is Very nice and is a great server owner!
    KingCobra62- Why would you waste your time Spamming and Complaining and take your time and Write a good Un-Ban letter. And if for some reason you are Un-Banned Then dont break the rules… I will be watching you… (In game of course… That would be Creepy if it was in real life…)
    To Everyone That Has Been Banned- Guys if you have been banned then just do ONE letter not 5-10+ thats just rediculous. And EVERYONE PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING!!!
    Sincerely – [Member] Yukeman987


    1. KingCobra62

      i did donate

    2. yukeman987

      Well good for you that you donated! Have you been De-Moted? because if you have then that should be first then you should get banned, not banned then demoted… Veg if you hear this – did you demote him before Banning him? Cause if not thats just not too fair… But i guess its your call and you know best! Thanks for Keeping the server up! and please AND i meen PLEASE try to fix the lag on the server!

      1. GoldenStar11

        Dear yukeman,

        KingCobra62 learned his lesson quite well (I am his brother, trust me). Another thing, you lied about him getting un banned. Plus, he would need his money back if he gets de-moted.

        1. miky428

          he wouldn’t get his money back because he DONATED the point of that is to give your money to a company or person without expecting anything in return. Veg really ran the promotion for the ranks as a way to get people to donate so they would get something in return being nice. So since he DONATED he would not get his money back… Think of it like this if you DONATE to a child in Asia or someplace you give them money for their use, you wouldn’t fly over there and take your money back. (:


          1. GoldenStar11

            Oh yeah… That’s what he said

          2. GoldenStar11

            KingCobra demanded the money back…sorry I know about donating.

  61. blockhead0227

    I think someone is hacking my player.
    I logged in to check if i could play again when it said GRIEFING!STOP GRIEFING!
    PLease help me and un ban I miss medieval craft.

  62. christian wdrd

    Hey i was playing your server i was doing pretty good too.So i go up a hill behind my house and i find an admin named MaxXD or something like that sitting in a little hole in the ground that she calls her home. She invites me in and i go to mine some cobblestone and she walks in front of me so she got hit. The next thing i know she’s coming at me with a diamond sword and hits me of a cliff and i die. I spawn back at my house and 2 seconds later i’m kicked off and banned from the server. So if you would contact me at Will you somehow get me reinstated into your server? Thank you for your time. please un ban me.
    p.s. my minecraft username is chrisZack99.

  63. bgty1

    Vegita, please unban me. I promise to always cut down trees fully from now on. I am very very very sorry. Please, unban me, I promise to ALWAYS fully cut down trees from now on.
    I was banned for not fully cutting down a tree.
    I did not fully cut down the tree but I didn’t know of that rule.
    May I please be unbanned, I’ll always fully cut down trees from now on.

    1. Thevegita730

      if you didnt know that rule, you should have read the rules

  64. bgty1

    I looked back in the comments and found vegita said this to me and I quote “I Will unban you only THIS time, because u seem pretty innocent.”
    I now realize to give up. I shall not be unbanned I guess. I’m going to say my goodbyes to all of my friends on this server in this comment.
    Goodbye GoldenStar11, Zombie_Zero, zomj01, 04Roboto, SethS99, clokeymate, monsterman132, XRedDemon27, NoobOnSteroids, kramaro,yay350, TigerBurrel, and yukeman987.
    This was my favorite server and now I must say goodbye I guess.
    Farewell, my friends, I hope to see you all again one day,
    And goodbye, vegita, thank you for making this server and letting me enjoy it for as long as I could.
    Goodbye, MedievalCraft, and I hope to be unbanned, to see my friends once again.

    1. GoldenStar11

      If you do get un banned, I’m gonna jump off a cliff

    2. SethS99

      Bg should be unbanned, not cutting down a tree is a minor offense and bgty has been a great player from my point of view.

      1. Thevegita730

        ok, fine, i shall unban her

    3. GoldenStar11

      Yay! You’ve been un banned!

  65. Monsterman132

    So, i come home get some popcorn, come to the desk to come on this server, It says
    Disconnected by Server


    I swear with all my heart i didn’t greif, you see my brother plays my account because my mum said we have to “share” the account, he wants to go on and Im like okay,
    I see him knocking down some stuff and im like, Is that yours dude?
    Hes like Yea… it is….
    It looked like a blimp, and i swear with ALL MY HEART, CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO DIE AND POKE OUT MY EYE I DID NOT GREIF!!!!

    Please pleasee PLEASEEE unbann me PLEASE!!!

    1. Thevegita730

      I Cant unban you because you’ll little brother will just grief again…

  66. Thevegita730

    i do check this by the way christian wdrd but im not replying because your unban request is first not in the correct order and its rubbish, first you were being annoying because I SAW IT, and thats why I BANNED YOU.

  67. GoldenStar11

    I would appreciate it if you would un ban bgty1, she never did anything I know of bad, we really are good friends.

  68. bgty1

    I just read through the comments….I’m getting unbanned!?!?!? Thank you veg, and thank you my friends for convincing him! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  69. bgty1

    You say you will unban me, and there are seven people on. When I try to play, It says I’m still banned.
    Please, unban me ASAP.
    I want to see my friends as soon as I can.

    Thank you,
    Tiffany (bgty1)

    1. Zombie_Zero

      Dear Bgty1 if he said he had un-banned you and hasn’t I will gladly do so

      -Co-owner Zombie_Zero

  70. MasterBlooby

    hey it Master agian. I was just wondering if u can unban my brother madprobro? I wanted to go around on the server and hang out eith him please?:D

  71. MasterBlooby

    Hey Veg. MaxyB was in my house and stole some stuff. So i killed him now hes pissed of and deleted my entire base. then banned me for caps when i did it once and i always do caps when ur on. so please un ban me? he banned me for no reason

  72. MasterBlooby

    also this was my favorite server and he banned me

  73. GoldenWereWolf

    please ban tobz he is abusing his powers again!
    goldenstar11 he is getting muted alot and so am i

  74. GoldenStar11

    Ok, Tobz muted me and goldenwerewolf, killed my cats AGAIN. He banned us for no good reason. I think he needs to be banned too

  75. GoldenStar11

    Tobz abused his powers again. He banned us and killed my cats. He used a fireball too.

  76. KingCobra62

    im w

    im watching this from my brothers screen and tobz is abusing his powers he banned goldenstar11 and muted him abusing powers right like me

  77. GoldenStar11

    Please, Un ban us! Me and goldenwerewolf were banned by tobz for no reason! Ban him and un ban us!

  78. yay350

    I dont understand why you banned me veg. I was telling Bob1223445 how to get back to the town, but you thought I told him how to get out of spawn. Please unban me veg! I didn’t do anything wrong!

  79. christian wdrd

    thevegita730 i leave you alone and stop wasting both of our time if you just tell me the list of plugins you used for your server. thx

  80. SethS99

    Ban kzthehero198 Hes griefing… with all the commands down i cant ban him letting him go wild…

  81. SethS99

    Ban kzthehero198 Hes griefing i cant ban for some reason

  82. Thevegita730

    no what part of No Advertising don’t you understand.

  83. yay350

    Plz unban me veg! I was telling bob1223445 how to get back to the town! But u banned me!

  84. clokeymate

    i was banned and i have no idea why :(

  85. clokeymate

    i was banned and i have no idea why

  86. GoldenWereWolf

    please ban honeydew111 he is greifing and abusing co-owner

  87. GoldenStar11

    Un ban me! I did nothing! Sorry I teleported you maxy but it was for a good reason. If I don’t get un banned, take care of maxy and honeydew for me, they’re griefing my stuff.

  88. GoldenStar11

    Goodbye friends, MAXYB has banned me for one little thing and argued with me and bullied me. This isn’t fun anymore, as I probably won’t get unbanned. MAXYB also accused me of bullying him and not him bullying me. He’s telling me to admit that I’m a loser when in reality it’s going to backfire on him. Goodbye bgty1, SethS99, Mr_OfficeCreeper, Seage, Zombie_Zero, kramaro, lmlnz384, honeydew111, Tobz789, clokeymate, miky [Sorry forgot the numbers]. I’ve had great times on this server, and I feel the time has come for it’s end. If you can unban me I will return. If not, then I’ll leave you in peace and harmony. I am not happy about this, since I was mod and I donated to you. I was loyal to this server, and now I feel rejected. Goodbye everyone!

  89. GoldenStar11

    I was unbanned! 😀

  90. brice berberich

    I tried to join and it said “You have been banned.” i dont even know why i was banned. i donated a day before. I followed all rules and didnt do anything wrong. Please think about unbanning me. thanks.

    1. Thevegita730

      Don’t Worry Mr_OfficeCreeper i will unban you.

      1. Mr_OfficeCreeper

        Thank you so much! 😀

  91. Zombie_Zero

    I have reasons to kick him and I only act the same way i do to him as I do to everyone else

  92. Zombie_Zero

    As well as him “Trolling” everytime his is online

    1. GoldenStar11

      😛 I wasn’t “Trolling”

  93. kramaro

    I want legohero12345 banned.

    Because he has grifed my friends house and i know it was him because bromo help me and used a plugin he found it was him.

    I demand that legohero12345 is banned

  94. Oxnar60

    Hi, I was just wondering if I could know why GoldenStar11 was banned. I’m wondering because he was a good friend of mine and defiantly is one of the reasons I loved to play. We did lots of stuff together? I would like to hear the full story please, and hope he can become unbanned… -Oxnar60

    1. SethS99

      The only thing i can really say about his unban was him being a bit paranoid which led to him griefing. He thought that every 1 disliked him. He was a pretty good player. Thats all i can really say. So its up to u Vegita.

    2. SethS99


      1. Zombie_Zero

        Waffle, Waffle.

  95. SethS99

    I wana Know why Zombie_Zero was banned. I really don’t think she would grief and she was a great player in the medievalCraft Community. Please consider unbanning her. She’s favored by many players.

    1. SethS99

      nvm XD apearntly it said she had been banned but co -owners cant be banned, soz for the confusion XD Im stoopid

      1. Zombie_Zero

        I can get banned by Veg but that’s it and I was never banned

    2. SethS99

      Im still stoopid

  96. SethS99

    Some kids got there fan base 2 grief the server, took care of them and cleaned up the mess.

  97. Oxnar60

    I demand you ban sloatheater1029. He came on and cussed and used the N word! I don’t want anybody seeing that and getting offended or to think bad of our server! I don’t like the foul language he used. I have a screenshot as well. Thank you.

  98. copperwire130

    I was banned for tping to a mod or higher I didn’t know VINE2 was a mod or higher I said hi and waited for him to say hi back and he didn’t so I tped to him and he was building his house.
    Can I be unbanned I didn’t know he was a mod or higher

  99. killerlawngnomes

    i was banned for trying to prove someone innocent. pls unban me i did nothing wrong this is the best server ive been on i dont want to leave it.

    1. Oxnar60

      It was my fault, but all she wanted was not for ME to get banned…I think she deserves one more chance

  100. SethS99

    I was banned on the faction server for “swearing” I dint even swear :P. Please unban me

  101. SethS99

    Good bye Oxnar, killer, and Zombie_Zero it was nice knowing u guys.

    1. yukeman987

      What are you talking about? You got Banned? NOOOOOO, YOU WERE AWESOME
      :'( im sad…

  102. clokeymate

    G’day guys, clokey here.

    just posting this to say that i haven’t been on the server for a very long period of time and i miss the server and the community. i tried to login just before and it said that i was disconnected for griefing? i dont really recall doing anything like that but if i did i am really sorry. i would love to be able to get back on the server :)


  103. juju

    Im not going by the guide veg but please listen
    Zombie Banned me for 2 accidents the one wasnt an accident because i forgot the rule no tping to mod or higher, I was in an emergany with falling and i typed the wrong name in i typed zom instead of kil. :'(
    She accused me of some random thing and i said I DIDNT DO THT :'( And she said Yes you did STOP LYING! I wasnt lying! and then I said stop being A HYPOCRITE!!!! She said thts it IM BANNING YOU!!! :'(
    Veg I swear to god x10000000000 I love this server the second tp was an accident and IM REALLY CRYING CUZ OF HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SERVER!!!!!!!!! <3 I would be soooo happy if you would unban me , It would mean the world to me. I never have ever posted something this long on a server and this proves to you that I love this server with all my heart. Please Veg?
    IGN: jujubean23
    I will miss you all if I dont get unbanned :( I love this server and have a good rest of your lives in minecraftia!
    Comment back if your going to give me a 2nd chance.

    1. Zombie_Zero

      I warned you both time not to teleport to me, you didn’t care, you did it again, I unbanned you so I wouldn’t get hate from the whole server, but I had enough of you. I didn’t accuse of random stuff I banned you for teleporting and disrespect. That is all.

  104. juju

    Ban Zombie_Zero:
    I have put up enough of her. She is being a brat to me, just because she hates me. She technically said a bad word. If you disagree with me fine. She called me a Dumba** 2 times! I took a screen shot of it and told he tht is she banned me i have proof the swore. I odnt know how to post it here but she is being a real jerk. She banned me, and this is the message she put:
    Bring it! No threats will work on me! a** Is blocking out the word. So byebye.
    So I guess thts it and this server will have to go on without me. :'( I will miss you all and I hope Zombie feels the same way as me if she gets banned :'(
    Bye Veg, Killer, Paradox, Pit, Git, Traake, Creepin, Omit, JMMS, and the others i helped tht I missed :(

    1. juju

      Gir* sorry not Git
      Also Veg, I made you some builds like my Mansion and my Japanese themes house. Ask paradox to take you to the Japanese house.
      And tell Omit to keep the prank shop up to date. And I will miss him a lot!

    2. Zombie_Zero

      Juju, Not only did I ban you once, I unbanned you, and you were disrespectful to me, As I said before I do not hate you. You annoy me, you broke the tele-porting rule 2 times. I told you bring it on because you threated me with that screen shot, I do not consider blocking out more then half of the whole word cursing. I said bye bye, cause I was saying bye. I warned you a few times. I have been annoyed alot by these threats on getting me banned.

  105. traake

    i was wondering i looged in to the server and it said i was dissconected for greifing i did not greif i swear ididnt with all my heart so plz tell me wat is going on plz answer at soonest concern

  106. traake

    and to add on to wat i said before i didnt remember greifing at all

  107. Zombie_Zero

    Veg, I just wanted to know if you banned me or if it was someone who disliked me. I was really mad when I found I’d been banned, I just want to know if it was you.

  108. minepop33

    pleas may i be unbanned. i was banned for telling how to getout of the spawn but i was typing to get out of the spawn and i forgot to press the / button.
    im sorry for what i did and i love the server, I would donate but i dont have any money to donat.

    my ing is minepop33

  109. Piggdude

    How could you vegita?
    You really need to unban me please I’m having a lot of fun on the server
    And does your inventory get reset when you are banned?
    If that is so,I lost a diamond pick,diamond sword,a enchanted bow and etc.

  110. TWM1234

    I was banned for “Going to advertise”, i was going to tell him on SKYPE, not on the server, HOW IS THAT GOING TO ADVERTISE?

    1. Thevegita730

      Yes you were banned for ‘Going to advertise’ Because you were. You were going to give him your Skype and tell him on Skype. That is Still Advertising.

  111. nbanders

    I demand a ban of baron006 for abusing his powers, setting my dog on fire, attacking me with eggs, all under the secrecy of invisable potions. He was untouchable and in god mode, cheap tactics!
    I demand he is banned!

  112. snake1616

    I would like to just tell you that MAXYB, I know who he is. And I saw him on the battle for Conwy. I killed him 3 times and he freaked and asked what other servers I was on. I told him about this one. (It’s amazing!!!!) and then he said he was gonna come and destroy my house. I come on the next day and my house was completely destroyed and my farm which had pumpkins and melons growing in it was destroyed. Please talk to him and tell him that he shouldn’t be allowed to do that!!!!

  113. yay350

    Hey remember me from years ago? can u unban me? i didnt do anything…

  114. yay350

    It says I was banned for telling someone how to get out of spawn.

    I swear I didn’t tell anyone how to get out of spawn, I was telling how to get back to the villiage.

    I demand an Unban.

  115. Speedy54941

    Hey Veg,
    It says I was banned for griefing
    Can you tell me how i griefed?

  116. Speedy54941

    I demand an Unban
    I griefed katiecat19’s flower garden because i was going to do a treasure hunt with her
    I Demand an Unban

    1. Thevegita730

      Speedy, you griefed. We do not accept griefers therefore you shall not be unbanned.

      1. Speedy54941

        She knew I was going to and she agreed to do the scavenger hunt! I demand an unban

  117. Yukeman987

    My friend has been banned, or was banned, and he didnt do anything. What he supposably did was grief. He did not grief because he rarely played and when he did he played with me. And its boring without him because he is a good builder and a even better friend. His IGN is fartface573 and he was banned when the server was new (a long time ago) server.
    Please veg make my gaming experience on medievalcraft better by unbanning my good friend. If he did grief and you have proof, please show me in game. I forget if i have asked you before but if i have please tell me, and correct me.
    -Baron Yuke (i think baron is mod)

  118. diamondsniiper57

    i soent 20 dolallars on the game and 4 days later i got banned for no reason un ban me or i will report this

    1. Thevegita730

      You did not donate to this Server. I would see the donation. First of all the Server hasn’t even been up for a while and this is not a hungergames Server.

  119. GoldenStar11

    I have learned maturity and would like to be unbanned. I can understand why you won’t, but I’d appreciate it if you did.

  120. yay350

    I haven’t been on this server for years, all because I told someone how to get back to the village. I wish I could come on again, I didn’t do anything wrong…. D:

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